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My 18 months mini yorkshire girl in 3 months went from gorgeous, full, luster coat to dull, knotted and very very thin coat. She has very good pedigree and parents. She had beautiful coat but now i do not know what to do.. Should i change her diet? She doesn't like taking any vitamins . Any advise? Please....

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If your Yorkie had a nice coat, no problems, and all of a sudden changed, there is deffinately a problem. One of 2 things comes to mind - Health problem or her Diet. She is either missing out on certain - vitamines, nutrition, necessities etc and it is causing to make her coat dull and problems. If she is missing something in her diet, it will affect not only her coat but eventually other things. Health problem - There are certain health issues that can arrive and it will affect certain aspects of her physical appearance. In both cases, a simple full blood panel at your Vet will help to eliminate possibilities and even find an issue if there is a health problem. Also, be careful how you are grooming your Yorkie. It is important that they have a OATMEAL based shampoo and conditioner of good quality, do not over wash them because it will remove their natural oils in their coat and make it dull. Omega 3 & 6 is important in their diets to help provide a lusturous full shiny coat. Also important for their vital organs.

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