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My 5 year old yorkie sleeps all the time. I'd say he's asleep more then he's this normal behavior?

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Only if he is very young if he is not really young, then it is not normal behavior. if he is older than about 9 to 10 months old, he should be very very hyper.

Well, I know of some dogs that are like that. I don't think it's really that bad. YOu just need to get him to play more. IF he has a favorite toy, let that keep him company. Pretty soon, he should be a little bit more hyper. But, i havee to say, don't make it so that your dog is all ove the place. That would be too big of a change.

Did you recently change your schedule. I am a teacher. My dog gets used to sleeping all day and being awake in the afternoon/evenings. When I am out for break, it seems like all he does is sleep but that's because it's usually his down time. Then, I go out more in the evenings so I don't see him during his awake times. It takes a little while then he adjusts to my new schedule. It may not be him sleeping more, it may just be you are home when you're usually not.

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