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My 5year & 8month old doxie very suddenly developed a sore back (she was fine in the afternoon and sore the evening) took her to the vet got painkillers and he advised to keep her still for at least 4 weeks, the next morning she started showing signs of paralysis. WHAT can i do? I can not afford surgery since it is extremely expensive. She is not at all overweight. Please any advise will be appreciated.

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Firstly, I feel so sorry for you. Take her back to the vet, and make sure it is what you think it is. Have you not got pet insurance? (This is a good idea in the future as they will cover this). If you don't have insurance, ask friends for help for your dog, parents, and you can always do something where people sponsor you? When my Doxie was diagnosed with a condition for which the surgery cost £2500 I did a sponsored walk (backwards around a park with buckets on my feet) I earned the money and he is healthy and happy now. People will help you if you show commitment to your pet! If I hear anyone needing sponsors I will help! Promise!

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