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My 6 year old boxer has lost her bottom front teeth. Is this normal? She was not ill or in pain or not eating. We just happened to be playing with her and noticed her teeth were gone in the front bottom. What is wrong with her?

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Boxers gums grow over the teeth. My boxer is 9 and the vet was very surprised that it had not happened to her by this age. M

If the teeth are truly missing chances are 1. The Boxer lacks a vitamin or mineral and could be Calcium Deficient. Advise Go to vet for lab work, before they loose more teeth. 2. Boxer may have a severe case of plaque build up with Gingivitis. Again take to Vet. for a good cleaning and antibiotics. 3. Lastly the Boxer could have receding gums if this is the problem extensive cleaning and dental work might be necessary this can get expensive try a pet health insurance to help defray the cost this way you will be re reimbursed 70 to 80 percent of the cost. I use Pets Best Insurance on all my 4 boxers. They are great to work with!

The gums of a Boxer grow over the teeth more than other breeds. I had both my guys to the (tooth vet) he has a web site, just search (tooth vet) and he uses a laser to trim the gum back, you need to get it done, one way or the other as it will keep growing. Both my guys had to have in done at 6 years of age

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