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My 8 week old boxer seems to have Puppy A.D.D while eating. I feed him 4 times a day, but all 4 may equal 1 actual bowl as he seems to take a few bites and then find something better to do. I keep bringing him back to his food bowl but the same thing happens. I have switched foods, and am pretty positive it is not a matter of him not liking the food. Any suggestions?

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I would try adding something to the food, not neccesarily switching it but add something like a "vita-gravy" to the food to make it more appealing, he may get bored of it after a little bit of eating it because its the same dry taste bite after bite. what kind of food do you feed him? You could go with something that has a four or three protein ingedients. He also may not be food motivated that could be why he's not taking to it, you could just leave his bowl there for the day and he may eat the food throughout the day instead of all at once.

How big is the bowl? Sounds like you are not feeding him right. My pup is 14 weeks and I also got him at 8 weeks. He should be eating half a cup 3 times a day and it should be soaked in water to make it soft for him about 15 minute. I now feed my guy since he was 11 weeks 1/3 cup twice a day. Don't over feed him and don't keep his food down for more than 10 minutes, take it up and give him any left at his next meal time, he will soon clean his bowl each time, in less tan a minute, then take him right out side for his pee and poop. I have my guy in puppy school and he loves it, great fun for the whole family to go.

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