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My Female Boxer is 8 going on 9 years old, I moved into a larger house and I don't want her getting Lonely. I was thinking of getting a Boxer Puppy, but should I get another Female or get a Male. I'm partial to Female's but I can go either to Make my Boxer happy.

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We had the exact situation. We own a female who at the time was 7 when we inherited our male who was 2 when we got him. We found him to be much more stubborn and crazy then our female ever was. He is obviously much bigger. He just took a little more patience and time to train. Great dog, great temperment, and goofy as ever. He also added a few more years to our old female by just having a companion!

You as the owner should know as to whether she gets on with both sexes...if she is a little jealous with other females more so than she is with males then go for a male. Good luck.

Sex does not matter, go with your preference. The question should be whether a pup will be too much for your senior boxer. We got a puppy when our senior was 7 years old and they became the best of friends. We just had to put our older one to sleep at age 10 1/2. They had over 3 years together and for us it was a good thing.

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