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My Lhasa has had an ear yeast infection for months now, his ears have the yellowish/brown debri in the ear, he has a smelly odor from his ears, and if i itch his ear, he likes it but if i do it too hard he whines. 5 vets had to hold him down and give him that shot to calm him, he won't allow anyone to put drops in his ear, even so rub and cleanse it! I've heard that yogurt seems to be a good product for curing the infection. Has anyone had experience with this? I need something that won't bother him, and make him be afraid of me, anything that includes rubbing something in the ear is not what i need. Any Suggestions?

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Oral antibiotics from your vet are very helpful to clear it up but I am not sure it will work by itself without cleaning the ears too. I have a Llaso with ear problems and we keep his ears very clean and dry. Shave the inner part of the ear flap and pluck the hair out of the ear canal so air can get in there. When I sit with him on the chair I fold his ears over so that air can get to the canal. He didn't like it at first but now it is like a game to him. Stay away from any ear cleaning solutions that contain alcohol as this can promote fungal growth. I always use ear solution purchased from our vet.

i know...the first few times of cleaning and treating his ears were hard.our dog almost had the same situation as yours.and almost the same attitude to.but i learned that if you start by exercising him like walking and running just to drain the energy of the dog so he can be more calm.and then you start the treatment or the cleaning by relaxing him first,like giving a massage.and then you continue on giving the treatment or the cleaning without the dog knowing it and finish it by relaxing the dog again.and its better if they are laying down while you do start and finish relaxed.for my apso it works until now we still treat and cleans his ears everyday.

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