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My Yorkie puppy is 12 weeks old and weighs 1.5 pounds. I have been free feeding her but she poops all day! I want to go to feeding her 4x a day. Is that alright? Do I need to feed her during the night? What about the hypoglycemia issue if I don't feed her during the night?

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You shouldn't free feed her. Feed in the morning 1/2 cup. Then at lunch 1/4 cup and dinner should be 1/2 cup. If the food is advanced nutrition (meaning: not puppy chow or pedigree) I'm talking about Nutro or Royal Canin or Science Diet. These are good foods that are going to help keep the body chemicals balanced. Feel free to email me at with any other questions. I am an accredited trainer.

just because your puppy is small could just mean it will be small. Not necessarily that something is wrong. If you are worried have your vet check it.

all puppies grow at different rates.

Hi ,we have a 12 week old yorky pup which we got at 8 weeks.when we 1st got her she was not eating so we bought puppy goat milk and gave that to her about 4 times a day,she is now 4.1 lbs and is eating solid people dog food is not a good idea for dogs because of preservatives and chemicals.we feed her chicken,pork,beef vegies,peeled apples.hope this helps and I don't how old your dog is now. she likes carrots

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