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My boxer is 3. she is small and I cage her when going out. She hates her cage and will tear up anything I put in it.......a bed or blanket. She will even sometimes dig thru the bottom fllor of the cage. She goes in willingly but when I leave must go crazy. How can I get her to be calm in her cage? She has been caged since a pup.

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I personally find this cage thing cruel and there is no need to do it to dogs if they are trained properly..leave the house for short periods of time, even if you stand outside the entrance door for a few moments so the dog doesnt see you. Do not greet the dog on your return. Extend these short periods over the weeks for longer periods and within a short time your dog will learn to stay in the house/appartment on it's own without causing any problems to the furniture etc.

Start by leaving her in the cage where she can see you. Only for about 5 minutes at a time. Make sure you leave her cage open also where she can go in if she wants to. Also put treats in there so she will have something to look forward to when goes in her crate. Eventually you can make the time in her a crate a little longer but make sure she can still see you. Then slowly go out of sight for just a minute or two to start with. Keep doing this until you have built up to about 10 minutes out of sight when your dog doesn't go crazy. It will take time but eventually you will get there. The same thing happened with my dog and now she is WONDERFUL!

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