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My boxer seems really sad and dosen't have energy to do anything. We have taken her o the vets and she has had a blood test but nothing has come up yet. I was woundering if we need to spend more time with her because she might be getting lonely and depressed. Is this possible?

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Absolutely Boxer can and do get depressed! Nothing can look more pathetic then the droopy eyes of a sad Boxer. You are to be commended for checking with your Vet. first before asking here! Boxers are people dogs they love being around people especially there master and his/her immediate family. Do yourself and Boxer a favor devote as much time with them through out the day as you can and when you are in for the night play with them,inside or out,brush them or just give them unexpected hugs and kisses. tell them how good, they are. Instead of that open the back door and let them out put a leash on them take them for a walk then surprise them with a healthy treat when you get back in. I promise your Boxer will feel much better and you less stressed making it easier for you and the dog to sleep better. I raise,breed and train boxers over 25 years for Search & Rescue and have # 4 of my own. So please trust me on this.

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