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My dog is just over a year old and we try to do a lot with him. He's socialized, goes to dog parks and daycare but he whines a lot and we also have problems with him being overly vocal when other dogs are around or walk by as well as him barking at everything outside the house and can't have the windows up at night. Is this their normal behavior?

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This is completely normal and can be corrected. As you know, your dog is very protective which is why he`s doing all the protective barking. I recently went through the same thing with my Great Dane, he would protectively bark at anything and whine when he was outside and wanted in. The way I corrected it was to become super dominate when he would start barking in order to let him know it wasn`t ok. For example, when he starts to bark, approach him in a calm assertive manner and correct him. I like to use shape my hand like a dog`s mouth and say “cschh.” (Ceser Milan) This should cause him to focus his attention on you. When he looks like he`s going to start barking again, repeat. Most of the time, just your hand in his face is enough to get him to focus…. If not give him a slight touch on the neck. You can also tell him no. This takes a lot of repetition. You have to do it every single time he starts to bark. After a few days, should see results. To correct the whining, you can basically use the same method. Except, this time you want to communicate to him that wherever he is at, that is “his place.” Essentially, your telling him to be comfortable where hes at and that whining is not acceptable. So, when he whines, immediately go to where he is and correct him, make him sit, stay, lay and then leave when he is calm. When he starts to whine again, repeat.....over and over and over. Eventually, the whining will stop. As frustrating as all this is, remain calm and assertive. He should pick it up quickly since Dobermans are usually very smart breeds. Hope this helps.

When he starts to bark get a small spray bottle and give him a few squirts of water in the face along with a stern "no". Most dogs don't like having water in their faces. With a lot of repetition it will improve. I did it with my dog when she was a puppy whining a lot and it worked fast and was pain free for me and my dog.

My dog is a rescue. We had to teach him it's ok to bark at the door!

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