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My female boxer is almost 8 months old and I beleive she is about to go into heat. We do not want to breed her until atleast her second heat, but we also have a 5 month old male boxer. Will he be able to actually get her pregnant? Or is he too young?

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they dont recommend you breed your boxer female until she reaches full maturity which is about 2 and a half years old. hope this helps

The last post is possibly correct when a dog has it's second heat it is far too young to breed from so please could see you vet and put the dog on the pill and there is a spray which is supposed to masks the sent, which you spray onto the back end of the female but you should always keep the dogs seperate anyway as this spray isnt 100% succesful.

Well as you stated that you do not want to breed them...can you separate the two dogs during the duration of the female in heat? Anything is possible...perhaps the male could impregnant the female even tho he is so young! You could also buy the heat diapers...any puppy store should sell them, they also help to prevent a huge mess from the female being in heat!

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