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My husband and I are very interested (def. getting one) in a Boxer pup, we are not sure if a Male or Female would be best for us. We have 2 playful female cats, 1 is almost 2 and the other with be 4. Are the temperments very different in each? I know info says Boxers get along with other household pets but I was wonder if there is a big difference. Growing up my family always had male dogs from different breed and were happy so I was goning to stick with a male. For some reason my hubby said he heard that one of them (he's thinking the male) kills the lawn when peed on? Isn't that with any dog and sex?? Thank you for your help

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ummmm not nesasserly not all grass dies when peeed on its 50 50 boys are a bit rougher thoug when playing so posibly hurt cats thinking hes playing but girls and cats could get in fight with cats beacause there all females and are saying '' i have more domonice ''

The dog will tear up cat

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