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We are looking into getting a boxer. The thing is that his tail has not been cut and he is about 6 - 8 months old. Does his tail have to be cut? At what age is to old to get his tail cut?

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He is too old to get his tail cut and anyway here in Europe it is against the law to do so. Boxer are still Boxers with or without their tails and if you can give one a good home you shouldn't bother that his tail hasn't been cut, he'll love you just the same so please don't look for a vet that will do it.

Yes, it is too late to have the tail docked. It maybe too late to have the ears cropped as well. You should ask your vet on the ears. Docking and Cropping play more of role of health and safety rather than cosmetic, even though owners are inclined to do so because it makes their dog "look" picture-perfect. Boxers excessively wag their tail and often with such force it can be painful to those (especially vases and glassware) standing behind it. Ear cropping can prevent excessive wax build-up and irritation by allowing the ear to "breath" as opposed to a Boxer with floppy ears. Personally, I have a boxer that is docked, but uncropped, however I take the time to clean the ears at least twice a week. Hope this helps! Keep Boxers strong and loving!

he is to old to have his tail docked, that should be done when the dogs ar e no more than 5 days old. As for cropping the ears he is also too old for that.

If you are interested in getting the tail docked, it can be done under general anesthia. I had to have my female Boxer's tail re-docked due a problem from initial docking. I work at an animal hospital and I can tell you from first hand experience that with Boxers. and they way that they wiggle their rear ends and shake their "tail" that they stand a bigger chance of injuring their tail. My dog's tail healed as quickly as her spay incision healed.

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