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We are thinking of getting a friend for our 2 1/2 year old female non-dominant boxer. What breeds, other than Boxer, would typically get along with a boxer's unique personality?

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I got my 2 year old boxer a Boston Terrier. It was love at first sight. My boxer is very loving, and although the little terrier is a lightning bold, she amuses the boxer no end and they spend a great deal of time kissing and rolling around, running and wrestling. They HATE to be seperated for any length of time.

We got our boxer an american bulldog. They love each other, but unless you want your backyard to become part of the demolition derby, maybe not. LOL. A pug would be a good choice. Like the other responders Boston, but on the energy plane of the boxer.

the bullmastiv for a big dog and a wimeriner gets along with just about any thing

we have two dogs a 21/2 year old female boxer and a one year old west highland terrier (male). despite the size difference the westie deffinatly has rule of the roost.they are best friends ane cant stand not being together.they love cuddling up together in there bed of on the sofa

i have to say two boxers are better then one if you get a smaller breed spannal size boxing can get rough playing boxer games is a boxer thing

When our boxer female (pretty dominant and aggressive) was 3 years old we rescued a full grown large (14 lb) abandoned cat - much to our surprise he has a laid back temperament and he and the goofy boxer are fast friends. They don't intrude on each others territories and get along just great. They follow each other around (both are so nosy they can't stand to not know what the other is doing), chase each other etc. Who would have thought?

You know what my boyfriend got my boxer a pug and she loved him they would roll around together and if they got separated they would wine and cry until they got back together we bought them a little pool for the summer and they would jump in it together they would sleep in my bed with me and my boyfriend and if one left the other one would wake up and wine till the other one came back in the room.

we got a 10 month old boxer . he is the greastest dog you could ever have for a child

I have THREE Jack Russells and a boxer, all female. They get along great. The energy level is close and play is a GREAT thing for both breeds...

We have a 5 year old boxer and a 4 year old pug - they are the best of friends! Despite what you might think, the pug actually rules the roost - but only because the boxer lets her! :)


We have two boxers and a great dane/doberman mix, and they get along amazingly well. The dane mix is the baby of the group and thinks she is a boxer too.

My girlfriends family had 2 blue healers when i moved in with my two boxers and they absolutely love each other you cant get them apart

We got our daughter who is 4 years old a white boxer for Easter and we already had two female 6 year old dachsunds prior to bringing our boxer girl home. They have always got along wonderful. My blk/tan dachsund loves to play tug with our boxer. Our boxer is so strong she tugs the toy and the dachsund around the house. Our other dachsund likes to charge and chase our boxer. She nips at her and then turns around and chases the boxer around the yard. It is hilarious to watch. They have a huge rod iron dog bed that they all curl up and sleep together on, the boxer is so cute when she lays her head over top of the dachsunds. They just absolutely love each other.

I have a 3 year-old Boxer and he gets along perfectly with my 4 year- old Rottweiler! They are really great dogs!

I have 2 boxers they are sisters from different litters ( same mom and same dad). Boxers are better in sets of 2! I will be a boxer owner for life!

I had a wonderful male boxer for 10 years until his recent passing. He endured moving, 4 children, horses, goats and loved every other dog he came across. His best friend was a tiny 5 lb rat terrier that my husband bougt me when my boxer was 7 years. There was no jealously only lots of fun. The boxer seemed to forget that he was old and that he wasn't as small at the terrier and would sometime flip kitchen chairs trying to run under them as his little buddy had. A small dogs seems to keep the breed young.

i have a poodle and a walker hound that play with my boxer they are all great breeds and get along ver well for the most part. they love play tug a war with eachother.

any but large dogs work better beacase when they play they can get rough so like a rottweiler ,wippet, greman shepard , catahoula loepard dog any large dog

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