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We have a five year old male Lhasa. Whenever someone sings he that normal? We've never noticed it in the years past. Just a year ago when we were singing happy birthday he began howling like it hurts his that possible? If so it seems like we would have noticed that earlier. Were curious to know if its a problem or just part of the breed?

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I previously had a Cocker Spaniel who would sing (howl) when I played a musical instrument. It's absolutely normal and kind of cool! I also read it somewhere about how Lhasa Apsos like music and sings along.

when i was a kid my auntie had a lhasa named Dusty and he would do the same thing but especially when it was HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) every year my aunt would call and they would sing me happy b-day on the phone :) now i have a lhasa and was hoping it was a breed trait but my lil girl doesnt

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