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When I got a Boxer puppy a lot of people said that boxers are a dumb breed. Is this true? But he's actually quite smart, he was easily housebroken and can also open doors and windows. So are Boxers supposed to be smart or is my Boxer just weird?

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boxers are very samba was very cunning , i think their puppie like playfulness is mistaken for stupidity

ive owned many different breeds...all intelligent...rotts, american staffordshire... but by far the 1 year old female boxer i have is the smartest dog, most clever dog, and most human dog ive ever encountered.....i intend to breed her and always have a boxer in my home for the rest of my life. i love these dogs.

Boxer dogs are very smart. Do the research on the breed you will find out a lot more information. Whoever told you they were dumb obviously are ignorant of the breed.

Boxers are extremely smart! I housebroke my boxer when she was just 7 weeks old and she had only 2 accidents since then in the house. Whoever told you that they are not smart obviously doesn't know the breed very well and if they did own a boxer they didn't pay attention to them.

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