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Why does my 11 month old boxer female always back into me, sit on my foot or straddle my legs while i'm reclined in a chair? Any time I stop she seems to want to sit on me or at least back her butt into me.....any ideas?

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she may be testing her limits by taking dominate postures / positions. May not sound like much, but consult a dog trainer if you would like a second opinion or other ways of stopping this. Prevent her from doing this but you don't have to alienate her. Encourage her to sit next to you- not on you (above you in her eyes)

She is trying to dominate you, i am having the exact same problem with my 11month old girl Neelah, I got some advice to pretend to eat out of her dog bowl every night for a few weeks (my girl is not only trying to lean or sit on me she is being much more naughty) this process will lead to her seeing you as 'the alpha' and she will respect you and no longer try to dominate you. Yes it may seem like a small thing at the moment but if she feels she is the boss her behaviour could get out of control (like with my girl :( ) good luck.

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