Photo I have a first generation Shiranian, Rosscoe, he is eight weeks old. We have fleas in the yard and h

Try puttings some sort of flea treatment on the dog such as frontline or advantage. Within a day all of the fleas will have died and fallen off the dog. It's amazing!

Photo Are these dogs easy to potty train?

In Pops case VERY EASY! they are so eager to please that praise is highly acceptable to them!! and treats they will do a mid air spin and dive off a board for you LOL! I also have 2 tzus and by far t

Photo I keep hearing that short walks are best for these little guys, but just what constitutes a short wa

I have a Shiranian called Belle, she is 10 months old. I walk her for about an hour each day where she loves to run at great speed chasing birds and at weekends runs with my son. I walk her through

Photo I want to get a shiranian puppy but need to know these things first. Do they shed? Do they bark a

I just received my puppy a few days ago for a present from my boyfriend. She's about 9weeks right now. Shedding doesn't seem to be a problem at all, I've worn black items the entire time I've had her

Photo Does a Shiranian dog shed?

they will most likely shed. One set of parents shed and the other doesnt so how much it will shed will depend on how much it takes from each parent. My shiranian has more of a pom coat and shitzu face

Photo is it normal for a sharanian puppy to be lazy at times and not much running with him? and also is it
Photo Is it normal for a sharanian puppy to be lazy at times and not much running with him? Also is it nor

Oh yes. all the time. Just your average puppy. We know because we have one!

Photo Can they be train to pee or poo? Thanks a lot!

yes i have 2. They follow commands and train well. It does take time, persistence and routine b/c they can be very stubborn. after the 1st year they behave very well to how they are trained. Also, tak

Photo What should I feed my Shiranian?

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