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hi i have a 1 year old female pup. She's really such a great dog! I've had her at 2 vets already with no help. She has a skin problem. On her right hand side she has a big patch where hair falls out and she looks mangy. The first vet couldn't give us an answer, so i took her two a second vet, which said she had some kind of mange she would have gotten from her mom. It was called Dedo-something mange, i cant remember the name. He said i must use IVOMEC(1ml/25kg) everyday. i have used it now for more than 2 months, but it doesn't look like it working. What must we do? It does not look like it bothers her and it doesn't bother me(The looks of it), but other people always seem to ask if she's got mange or what happened to her. She eats a good quality food and she gets enough exercise. I also bath her every two weeks with a dip-shampoo(doctors orders) he said it would keep her problem under control. Thank You in advance and we also want to congratulate you on this great site, it is very informative. Franciois

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Hi Francious, I have a female boerboel and when I got her, she also had a skin problem, our Vet told us that it is quite normal for the boerboel breed, they have very sensative skins and are prone to scabies. As a pup, when we got her she had scabies which we treated with a dip that we got from the vet. I will go and see if we still have the bottle, and give you the name, because it worked wonders. She is 6 years now, every now and again, I see a that especially between the legs, there is a bit of irretation, then I just use the dip, and it's gone in a few days. Sometimes it is also something they eat, we had to change dogfood, because she was allergic to something in her food, which also caused a rash on her skin. They really have very sensitive skins, also make sure it's not her shampoo. I will check the names of all these products that we are using and maybe it can help you. Kind Regards Ilze

Hi, my bitch has had " the itch from hell " for nearly 4 years and we tried everything...modified her diet , special washes , creams , the only thing that gave her any respite from losing fur and weeping smelly ears , sticky inflamed toes , was cortisone injections , which had to be administered every 3 months , TILL we changed our regular walk routine , now the itch has gone and she seems to have no troubles at all . I have had a good look over our old walking track since and the only thing that looks like vaguely problematic is paspallum grass. Dont know if that grass grows near you ( we are Australian east coast ) , but plant allergies of some kind could be a problem to investigate, Hope this helps. Regards Gary '

Hello, i have a boy Boerboel and he has a similar problem. He is 7 now and has suffered with this for 5 years. Nothing i try works and he looks mange-ie too. I am told by my vet that is not a mange so, i have given up trying to cure him of it. I love him regardless of him looking like a patchwork quilt! He has also had x 8 operations on his legs(Hind) since he was 7months old and they finished at 2 years so, he lost all his puppyhood. The condition he was born with usually is in very small,short legged dogs so, was almost impossible to correct in a dog his size! His ops came to a staggering 25,000 pounds!!

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