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i have a 7mnt old boxer and lately his eyes have been really red and droopy with a little bit or clear discharge, i brought him to the vet and they said its normal, but i dont see how it can be normal when clearly his eyes are brothering him! does anyone else have this problem?? should i get a second opinon?

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My boxer is about 4 months now and she has the same problem. You can't really tell if it bothers her but, they've told me it natural.

You should definatly get that checked again by someone else. My 2 mnth old male had the same problem and the vet gave me this jell that i put in his eyes, and they have cleared up and he is doing fine.

This is normal for boxers. Because of the way their faces/skull is formed, the tear ducts tend to be easily irritated, and this causes goop to come from the eyes. Also, droopy eyes can be normal for boxers as well, because their upper lips tend to droop on the sides and pull the face down. my boxer's eyes have been gooping since i got him, and every boxer i've met since has also had the same problem. So really, it's not a problem, it's just part of the breed... kind of like some dogs have problems with excess drooling.

my boxer is 6 months and does the same thing, the vet told me it is allergies and you can go get a bottle of benadril. It works!

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