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i have a 9 month old female brindle boxer, the thing is people keep making comments that she is a pit. her head is not like a normal boxer nose isn't short help please

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I had the same problem not too long ago. We got the cutest Boxer (well I thought) from a breeder. She was brindle with white markings. The older she got the longer her nose got. Over a few weeks she started looking more like a pit. Come to find out she was Boxer/Pit. She started becoming very aggressive to my 3 yr old. So we had to get rid of her. This dog would go for my sons face and any where she could get too.We could not take the chance.......not with our children. If you still have this dog please be careful! I will never own a Pit!

We had the same problem. Our boxer is CKC registered so we know she isn't a mixed dog. Her nose is a little longer than most boxers, but I like her better this way. When people ask just say no she is a boxer. My husband feels safer because from a distance people think she is a pit, so no one walks up to.

I have a boxer and a pitbul and they are both fantastic dogs. Pitbuls are NOT people agressive although they can be dog aggressive (part of their genes)... and i have 3 cats. It's how you raise them. There are just as many boxer attacks as their are pitbull attacks. You just dont hear about them. The media wants to paint this horrible picture of a wonderful breed because gang members and drug addicts use pits in the wrong way. Do your research before putting down such a loyal loving breed.

Some people do breed pits with boxers. If you got her from a reputable breeder and saw the parents, then that's all you need to know. You can call your breeder for reassurance. There are differences within the boxer breed. Some do have longer noses or boxier heads. If you got her from an unknown source focus on her as an individual. If you love her and wouldn't give her up for anything, does it really matter what they say?

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