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i have a female south african boeboel that is 3 months and two weeks,it loves me and the family and loves to play a lot,but i want it to be more protective and less playful,it rarely barks and i dont like this as i would prefer a dog that is always alert and barks at unwanted situations or visitors,is there a way to train the boerboel to develop this attitude or it just starts automatically like an instinct,because i wont want it playing with unwanted visitors instead of trying to warn them,any advice would be accepted.

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There are some things you can do at home. I would start by asking if you have ever heard your dog bark before. It will take a couple of month for your dog to be confident enough in his surroundings to start to bark. I know he seems big but remember he is only three months old don’t let his size deceive you. When your dog start to bark whether it is through discontent, excitement or uneasy curiosity praise him by giving him treats and loving. If you haven’t experienced any of these yet try teasing him with his favorite toy, this will probably coax out a wimpy whinny bark. Once you have some ground work laid out, try some simple drills. 1) Have a friend or family member rattle a door outside from out of view and ask your dog in a uneasy or excited manner WHO’S THAT? Praise him when he barks. The idea is to let him know what types of sounds he should expect and which he should consider a threat. I actually won’t mention any other drills, because you have a large and powerful breed and if you want him to perform up to your standard and without unwanted incident you should have him professionally protection trained.

I would give it a little more time at six months is where I usually begin to see that behavior start and at 9-12 months you will really see a change

Sending a boerboel to obedience training is fine. It is not fine to send a boerboel to guard dog training. Boerboels are natural super dogs and, as they mature, will be everything you need them to be. Our femaile, now a year and a half old, had obedience training and no guard dog training. She's a lover and you'd think she's too easy going. She also barked hardly at all growing up. After the first year she'll growl at anything she thinks is danger, she's automatically on alert to any strange noises, she can depict strangers from family at the door before she sees them, and she's fearless when it comes to our safety. It's NATURAL for them. She's also a sweatheart with anyone we welcome, which is their nature. She only goes into defense mode if she senses that we're concerned or we have not welcomed the guest. Spend your time in reinforcing commands and actions. They (or at least the females) tend to be a bit stubborn but very smart. They understand your commands the first time. They "decide" whether they want to follow the command or make their own decision. This is why you don't want to train them to be aggressive. They'd be unstoppable and it wouldn't be right for them or for you.

A boerboel needs no encouragement to be defensive or aggressive , whether you know it or not you possess an animal that has been bred for many , many generations to defend white South African farmers and their families against indigenous humans and animals. You have a responsibility to NOT encourage your dog to be more aggressive than it is naturally. A Boerboel is not a Labrador. he is a loaded gun. Perhaps a less lethal dog may be a better alternative, something small that barks a lot , maybe a kelpie, would be better for you?

your puppy is far too young to protect. Boerboels are only meant to protect. They are NOT a Guard Dog, they are a protector. If you train your Boerboel to be aggressive, you will have an out of control dog. You obviously are NOT a dog handler/owner of any substance or you would not have printed this question. Be very cautious with your Boerboel puppy.

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