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i just got a 7 week old boxer..and ive been doing some research on weather to cropp his ears or not...i am still not sure what to do...i want to but then im debating on it...any help?

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don't do it. more & more boxer owners are leaning towards avoiding this surgery as it is painful and intense. plus, boxers look adorable with floppy ears!

Not sure how old this post is but please do not do it, Boxers are so much nicer and more acceptable to people with their ears the way they are supposed to be, uncut. As the last comment says they really are adorable with floppy ears, this practice is now banned in the UK and Germany.

I did not crop my 6 year old "Tiger" ears and it's the best move I made. He looks so much friendly and people love the ears. I wouldn't do it.

Please dont do it! You will be able to see your boxers personality through the ears. I can tell when she is happy, sad, or when someone comes to the door. Its all in the ears! I love them

Boxers are adorable with uncropped ears. There is no reason to do it unless you love the cropped ears personally. If you are unsure why not save the money and care and leave them natural?

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