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my 6 month old rescued doberman wont play in the yard. I tried getting it to play with a ball but she wouldn't even look at it! she jumps on me when I come home and runs to the gate with our lil dachshund when someone passes by but other than that she just sits around the house. she eats well and is quite healthy. this could be an adjustment problem shes going through cos we adopted her just about 4 days ago. my real issue is that she's terrified of her leash due to an accident she has had when she was little she behaves as if the leash somehow has the power to kill her! and wouldn't budge when I put the leash on her! it worries me cus we have a tiny yard and shes not getting enough exercise and I'm unable to take her out for a walk without her leash! Id love to play with my new dog and take her out for walks! please help!!

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My doberman was the same way, he would not play in the yard, but loved to play in the house. He also didn't even like going outside other than potty unless I was with him. As far as the jumping, put your knee up in the air when he does this and tell him no. As far as the leash, my dobe was the same way, but you have to keep working with them, I started in the house because outside he would sit down and wouldnt budge. Then start by walking them, when they get too far ahead just turn around quickly, keep doing this until he walks by your side and not ahead. A choke collar/pinch collar works best for this, I had to use a pinch collar for my dobe, but after a couple days of doing this he walked great on a leash. Sadly I had to put him down a year ago at the age of 5, I still miss him a lot and really want another doberman as they are just an awesome breed. If you have problems training the dog my advice is to get help with a dog trainer as they can tell you what to do, and tell you what you are doing wrong.

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