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my doxie had mites recently. He is bald. His hair is growing back but it is white.

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go to the feed store and buy cattle Ivermectrin . Ivermectrin is the active ingredieant in Heartworm meds- you can use it instead of heartworm meds- it is equal to 1/10 cc = 11lbs of dog. I have been using it for years. It also will kill earmites- draw up a little in the syring and put some in ear, mix it around and let the dog shake it out and it will kill the ear mites right away- repeat once more in a few days . It also will kill ringworm. Your dog may have the disease where if they go thru stress , they loose their hair and then it doesnt grow back- cant remember the name but I had a line of dogs that came out of a puppy producer- they didnt show - didnt really know about what their lines produced - just bred dogs to sell and baldness ran in the line- I fixed most of the puppys from the line. One i championed but she had a great piebald coat.

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