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my male 6 month old yorkie seems large. 12lbs 11inches tall, floor to back and 16 inches long from base of head to base of tail.

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your pup is probably a silky terrier. they are basically the same thing other then the silky is bigger

I would agree that you probably have a silky terrier. I actually bought an AKC registered Yorkie (looked exactly like a yorkie pup). She will be 14 on Easter and at her heaviest was 17 lbs. She eventually turned all blonde and great. IMy family members and I have had 8 Yorkies amoungst us. She has the absolute best personality. Be careful in giving treats-one a day is plenty. We used to give more and she developed bladder stones. The only way to get rid of them was surgery. She's been on special dog food and distilled water only and take potassium tabs daily. It's been 5 yrs. since the surgery and never had a reoccurance. Hope this helps.

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