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my yorkie is 4 months and i have a germansheppard 5 years whos very jelouse is it safe to introduce them ?? or is it to late ??

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I also have a yorkie who is now 6 months old and a 2 year old german shepherd. The vet told me that the longer you keep them apart the more they are curiouse about each other so with fear, I finally introduced them and it went ok. The vet said put the yorkie in the crate and cover it so that the shepherd couldn't see him then let the shepherd sniff the crate to get used to the smell of the yorkie for about a week or longer. Then for another week or more let the shepherd sniff the crate uncovered so that he can now see and hear what goes along with that smell. Then finally with plenty of supervision(at least two people one to grab each dog if necessary), allow them to meet. My yorkie seemed to know who was boss. They will sniff each other from head to toe and it will look scary because it seems like the shepherd will gobble the yorkie up but they did ok. My vet also suggested that we never ever leave them alone to play together because anything can happen even if you think they have adjusted to one another. Also to try and help with the jealousy, you should always feed your shepherd 1st, pet him first, play with him 1st etc..No guarantees but it worked for me and always remember safety for both dogs at all times. I hope this helps.

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