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The coat of the Shorkie may be a variety of different colors. Some of the colors that are seen in the Shorkie include gold with a black mask on the face, black and tan, solid red, solid gold and multi-colored of white, gold, black, white and chocolate. The size of the Shorkie can vary somewhat depending upon the size of the parent breeds. The puppies are usually very small considering the breed itself is small.

The Shorkie is a crossbreed between the Yorkshire Terrier and the Shih Tzu. This type of breed is commonly referred to as hybrid or designer breed. In the last several years the Shorkie has become one of the most popular of all the designer breeds. The Shorkie has a coat that is typically long and silky. The Shorkie’s coat may be allowed to grow all the way to ground or it may be groomed to be shorter. Both of the parent breeds are non-shedding so the Shorkie is an excellent dog for people who suffer from allergies.

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The Shorkie is considered to be sweet natured and playful. Socialization is an extremely important factor in the temperament of the Shorkie. Most Shorkies will get along well with children and with others in the home when they have been properly socialized. Owners should be aware that it is usually a good idea to supervise play between children and a Shorkie due to the breed's small size. This is because the Shorkie can be inadvertently hurt by play that is too rough. The Shorkie is intelligent and typically trains very well. This is an affectionate dog that loves nothing more than spending time with its family. The Shorkie should not be left alone for long periods of time as it craves human companionship. The Shorkie is not an avid barker and will usually do well when traveling with its family. This dog will become very attached to its owners and be protective but it does not make a good guard dog simply because of its friendly nature. It may sometimes be stubborn but responds well to training if treats are provided.

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6-11 inches

6-11 inches
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7-16 pounds

6-16 pounds
My shortie is 21.5 pounds and 11 " tall a 28" long
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General Health

As is the case with many dog breeds, there are health concerns that prospective owners should be aware of with the Shorkie breed. Some health problems that may be present in the Shorkie breed include hip dysplasia, eye problems and thyroid problems. Prospective owners should consider investigating the parentage of the dog to determine whether these are issues. When provided with good vet care and a healthy diet the Shorkie will usually live between 14 and 19 years.

I have an 18 y.o. Shorkie. However, she was the first of the "Designer" breed she came from an accident litter that a breeder had. She has been the most wonderful baby girl ever! She was diagnosed 3 years ago with CHF as she had a murmur since birth that finally gave us problems. She has a cardiologist that monitors her and with medication an strict diet is doing well😊😍

Is a jack Russell mix with shorkie poo ok

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The Shorkie breed originated in the United States and has been in existence for about twenty years. Like many designer breeds, the Shorkie was bred to bring out specific traits from both parent breeds. Due to the fact that the Shorkie has been bred for so long there may be first generation or second generation Shorkie dogs. A first generation Shorkie is a dog that was produced by breeding a purebred Shih Tzu and a purebred Yorkshire Terrier. A second generation Shorkie is produced by breeding two Shorkies that may be either a first generation or second generation themselves. The Shorkie cannot be registered as a purebred because it is a mixed breed but there are now hybrid clubs and registries for designer breeds such as the Shorkie.

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The Shorkie will need proper exercise in order to stay healthy. A Shorkie will probably be able to get all of the exercise it needs just playing in the house or in the yard, provided that it is fenced. If your yard is not fenced you can get a wireless dog fence, read more at

The Shorkie breed will require some maintenance to keep its coat in good condition. If the coat is kept long then the coat will need to be brushed every couple of days at a minimum. The coat will need to be shampooed and bathed when necessary. Many owners choose to give their Shorkie a puppy cut to reduce maintenance needs and also to make the dog more comfortable if they live in a warm climate. If given a puppy cut, the Shorkie will usually need to be taken in for grooming about every six to eight weeks.

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Ideal Environment

A Shorkie will do well in a variety of environmental settings, including in a house or an apartment. Due to their small size they do not need a lot of space. This breed can do well in almost any environment, but if living in a hot climate, a shorter cut is advised while in a colder climate it is a good idea to provide this breed with a sweater to ward of chills. The best environment for the Shorkie is one with an owner that is consistent and gentle. Training is usually a good idea with the Shorkie. The Shorkie will typically do well with training.

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Do they usually get big?, because I want a small dog.

Shorkies are small dogs, but not toy sized. They are generally a little over a foot long.


I am a single person who works 730-4 daily. Is this too long of a time frame to leave a shorkie alone daily?

I work 4am-2pm, and my little wookie does great just hanging out. it sounds funny, but I noticed my shorkie prefers to be with another animal. so if you have another cat or dog, he/she should be great. I have not one time come home to a booboo on the floor.


Hello, I have a shorkie male who is 10 months old. He is great and we love him? He is great with my boys who are hyper. My questons is why is he shedding? I notice alot of hair on the floor and and my clothing? What can I do? Its driving me crazy!

I have a full blood Shih Tzu and she sheds like crazy!! Maybe the mother was a Shih Tzu! (:


so are shorkies really good with children?

we have a shorkie who is 10 months old. He is wonderfull, he isd great with my twin boys who are 7. He loves to play, or just sit by your side. He can we very quiet, but also he guards the house. They also love to be in the car.


My shorkie's hair is matted close to the skin and straight the rest of the way. How do I get it untangled (unmatted) ? I don't want to cut of all her hair.

Hi, It takes alot of patience. My boy was matted behind his ear, it just takes alot of time and patience. Comb it through very carefully


How old can a shorkie puppy be taken away from it's mother to a new home?



When are female Shorkies supposed to get their menstrual periods?

My Vet told me that after 4months they should start getting there "special friend" unless you have your Shorkie Pooh spade.


Are shorkies tail supposed to be curved?

Yes. I have a shorkie and her tailed is curved.


Is there a difference in hyperness from males to females ?

no they are both the same just depends on the dog itself, as puppies not suprisingly they are all hyper but as adults they have their momments of being playful but when out of their system they are the perfect lapdog =)


I have a 7 month old shorkie and when he is laying and sleeping if you try to move him or pick him up he growls and bites, what could be wrong with him?

He does not want to be picked up while he is sleeping, maybe? Nothing is wrong with the dog. Typically humans and animals alike like their sleep... Do you like to be picked up when you are trying to sleep? :).

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