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Do they usually get big?, because I want a small dog.

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Shorkies are small dogs, but not toy sized. They are generally a little over a foot long.


I have two of these precious pups. Their size can vary greatly. My little girl is 8 lbs and my boy is 15 lbs. Neither would be considered big. They have amazing personalities, are VERY lovable, smart and playful. I would recommend this type of dog to anyone who can give them the love and attention they need.

um.. i have never owned a shorkie but i had a shih tzu,yorkie and they weren't big at all....then i did some research on shorkies and found out they grow from 6-11 inches in length and way up to 20 lbs.

After my 100 lb Golden Retriever passed I got a Shorkie - Male. I was told he would be 10 to 12 lbs. He is 20 lbs. Solid muscle and about 17 inches from neck to tail. he is a good size... perfect actually. He is considered small by owners of labs and pitts.

My Shorkie Tzu is now three years old she weighs 8 lbs and is about 14" long about from floor to top of her head she is 12" tall very fine boned tiny face and tiny boned back legs but her chest around and her front legs are a little thicker like the Shih tzu. She is definitely like a toy breed though !! She is a beautiful little girl with long flowing hair to the floor that we do trim the feet and trim body about 1" off the floor but her ears and tail have never been cut but this breed is a lot of work to keep brushed daily at least every other day at maximum but she loves the attention she gets from people when they stop to ask what breed she is as she is as smart as she is beautiful. I would recommend this breed great for children and make a great companion for us grandparents as well the grandkids love her !!

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