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Hello, I have a shorkie male who is 10 months old. He is great and we love him? He is great with my boys who are hyper. My questons is why is he shedding? I notice alot of hair on the floor and and my clothing? What can I do? Its driving me crazy!

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I have a full blood Shih Tzu and she sheds like crazy!! Maybe the mother was a Shih Tzu! (:

that is strange because shorkies don't shed the yorkie and shihtzu both have hair not fur so perhaps hes not a shorkie

I have a 1 year old shorkie who is doing the same thing. I was told that she should grow out of it. I hope so because the main reason that I chose a shorkie is because they aren't supposed to shed.

I have two Shorkies and neither one sheds at all. This is also one of the main reasons I chose this breed.

They have to shed out their puppy coat. should last a max of 3 months also will shed their coat in the spring and fall with season changes

I don't think you got a Shorkie. As the previous responder said, "They have hair, not fur." Hair must be cut on a Shorkie. From the time mine was a puppy he never shed. My grooming bills will attest to that. You can get a DNA test for under $100.00 at some Petco's. Also, Shorkies are supposed to be hypo allergenic. Find someone who is allergic to dogs and rub your Shorkie on him. If the person sneezes or gets hives ... well, you don't have a Shorkie and he needs medical attention.

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