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I have a 12 week old female shorkie. I am having trouble getting her potty trained. She will use a puppy pad in the house once and while. but usually just squats and pees in random places. If I take her outside she usually pees, but sometimes she will come in from being outside and pee.

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I had the same issue with mine. It will get better it just takes time. If u have same time walks everyday for him/her that helps a lot as well. They r such a pleasing dog that after u have them for awhile they do anything to please you.even in long car rides my dog is excellent. Half the stuff he does I never taught him, he is so smart.

My little Shorkie tzu was trained very easy !! From the day we brought her home we kennelled her , in the morning she would wake up I then carried her strait outside always using the same door and same spot to do her pee when she would go pee she got one treat immediately if she pooped she then got a second treat immediately and lots of praise then we went back in the house to play for 15-20 minutes by then it was nap time back in the kennel when she woke up I then carried her out the same door once again strait to the same spot in the back alley !! So to make this quick this was our day over and over again all day long then about 11:00 at night was the last trip out till 7:00 in the morning ,but at 11:00 pm when she was put to bed I put a blue pee pad in 1/2 of her kennel the front part closest to the door hoping she would use it at night and by the third night that's exactly what she started to do !! We got her at 9 weeks old and by repetitions this worked I never swayed at all by this routine for two months and I can count on one hand how many accidents she ever had in the house in that two month period!!! She is now three years old and still goes to the same door and the same spot in the alley on her own !! The key is consistently doing the same thing day in and day out !! I have had many friends comment and ask if I would train their pups as well but I only ever did it for one other person and the results where the same. So I sure hope this helps you out. Good luck to u !!

Kennel training and a doggie bell for the door helped us with potty training. Every time we let our boy out I would ring the bell with his paw and say "Potty". I didn't think he was getting it but then one day he started gently ringing the bell. I showed him to hit it hard and the next time he slapped the heck out of it to make sure we heard him. Silly boy! It will take some time but consistency is the key. Shorkies are very intelligent!

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