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My shorkie's hair is matted close to the skin and straight the rest of the way. How do I get it untangled (unmatted) ? I don't want to cut of all her hair.

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Hi, It takes alot of patience. My boy was matted behind his ear, it just takes alot of time and patience. Comb it through very carefully


I use Perfect Coat Shampoo and Conditioner on my Shorkie Max. Hypoallergenic. Leave the conditioner on ..I sit in the tub with him. Then have him shake... in the tub at least 3 times. Towel dry and give him a Bully Stick to chew white you slowly come him ... my Max loves his bathtime. Do this while telling your Shorkie how pretty or handsome he is and compliment him on being good. Brush him every day. If at first he shys away, don't get discouraged. After a while your Shorkie will look forward to relax and be brushed time. Whatever you do... don't yell if your pup won't sit still. It takes time, but it will happen and your Shorkie will look great. Good Luck and much happiness with your Shorkie.

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