Photo Do they usually get big?, because I want a small dog.

Shorkies are small dogs, but not toy sized. They are generally a little over a foot long.

Photo I am a single person who works 730-4 daily. Is this too long of a time frame to leave a shorkie al

I work 4am-2pm, and my little wookie does great just hanging out. it sounds funny, but I noticed my shorkie prefers to be with another animal. so if you have another cat or dog, he/she should be great

Photo Hello, I have a shorkie male who is 10 months old. He is great and we love him? He is great with m

I have a full blood Shih Tzu and she sheds like crazy!! Maybe the mother was a Shih Tzu! (:

Photo so are shorkies really good with children?

we have a shorkie who is 10 months old. He is wonderfull, he isd great with my twin boys who are 7. He loves to play, or just sit by your side. He can we very quiet, but also he guards the house

Photo My shorkie's hair is matted close to the skin and straight the rest of the way. How do I get it unt

Hi, It takes alot of patience. My boy was matted behind his ear, it just takes alot of time and patience. Comb it through very carefully

Photo How old can a shorkie puppy be taken away from it's mother to a new home?


Photo When are female Shorkies supposed to get their menstrual periods?

My Vet told me that after 4months they should start getting there "special friend" unless you have your Shorkie Pooh spade.

Photo Are shorkies tail supposed to be curved?

Yes. I have a shorkie and her tailed is curved.

Photo Is there a difference in hyperness from males to females ?

no they are both the same just depends on the dog itself, as puppies not suprisingly they are all hyper but as adults they have their momments of being playful but when out of their system they are th

Photo I have a 7 month old shorkie and when he is laying and sleeping if you try to move him or pick him u

He does not want to be picked up while he is sleeping, maybe? Nothing is wrong with the dog. Typically humans and animals alike like their sleep... Do you like to be picked up when you are trying t

Photo How do you house-train your male shorkie?


Photo My high energy four year old female shorkie is experiencing problems first in the left hip and now i
Photo Hi, my name is Marcus, Im 16. I recently got a pug. I have 2 other dogs, and 1 cat that belongs to
Photo Hi, my name is Marcus, I'm 16. I recently got a pug. I have 2 other dogs, and 1 cat that belongs to

Check out rescues and shelters. We recently adopted a 4 1/2 year old male Shorkie from a no kill shelter. His owners could no longer care for him and brought him to the shelter. He is darling and h

Photo My shorkie is 3 months old and he is very backward toward some people not everyone but some and when

My shorkie crawls low to floor when someone or myself goes to pick her up! Is this normal behavior? . She doesn't run like other breads ive had.

Photo i bough my puppy Jackson back in july, i was told he is a shorkie but i have been seeing other shork

I just got a shorkie puppy and her tail is only about an inch an a half long

Photo My grandparents have a two year old shorkie. They had to take him to the Vet today because he would

My 3 year old Shorkie has the same problem and will now need surgery to correct the knee injury.

Photo I have a 12 week old female shorkie. I am having trouble getting her potty trained. She will use a p


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