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i bough my puppy Jackson back in july, i was told he is a shorkie but i have been seeing other shorkies and he looks nothing like them. for example the other shorkies i have been seeing their tails are long and my dogs tail is short.

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I just got a shorkie puppy and her tail is only about an inch an a half long

I have had two liters of shorkies in my life and we dock their tail because of how much yorkie is in them. Both liters had 3/4 yorkie in them and they look more like a yorkie then anything. But my dog is a shorkie and i just love her so much but she has a long tail because she is half and half

Hi. I have two Shorkies, one is almost two and the other almost three. They are brothers, obviously from different litters, and couldn't be more different both in looks and temperament. The older one looks more like a Shih Tzu (Mom) and the younger one looks more like a Yorkshire Teirrier (Dad). They both have long tails but the older one has a fluffy tail, the younger one just a plain old tail. They are both wonderful dogs.


what i have noticed is if the shorkie looks more like a shih tzu the tail is curved up to the back and the hair flows over and down like a fountain. this is like my female shorlie. the shorkies that look more yorkie has a shorter tail that is more stright

I have Chahley and he is 12 months old tomorrow. His color has lightened with each cut. He is now 16 pounds, has very long legs and a tiny little stumpy tail. His back legs are very strong and he can almost jump to the kitchen counter : )

How old is the puppy? I got my puppy when he was 2 months old and he barely had tail. He is now 10 months old and his tail is fluffy and curves onto his back. Also, some breeders dock the puppies tails before selling them. Be advised that as the puppy's hair grows out, he may change color. My puppy was black/brown as a baby. After his first hair cut, he was almost white. As their hair grows in, it can change.

When I got my shorkie, the breeder asked if I wanted her tail cut or not. I told ed no & she has the long curly tail now. The breaded might had just cut the tail when they were born. Luckily my breeder's vet told her not to doc them.

I have a 2 year old shorkie and he has a short tail.

You can go online and buy a dna test to find out your dog's true breed. I bought one because I was told my dog was a Yorkie poo but he kept getting bigger and didn't look it. Come to find out it was cookers animal and American Eskimo and yorkie...

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