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The Silkese breed is a result of a cross between Maltese and Silky Terrier. This breed is a petite cute dog which has silky and long fur. It’s available in different colors like white, golden, black, brown, and a combination of the above mentioned. They are active, loving, and mingle well with family and kids. The Silkese can be a good companion for its owners. Since it’s a small breed, these don’t require much activity time and are a perfect fit for apartment living. This breed has a lifespan of 13-16 years

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This breed has an even temperament and love children.

The Silkese is an adorable breed with silky, straight, and long fur, which they acquire from their genes. They have flat snout face with small and dark colored eyes. They carry themselves with the utmost courage and determination. This teeny-tiny breed is affectionate and friendly. They can adapt to new surroundings easily and are quick learners too. You can start their early training because of their bossy nature. The Silkese are great companions and mingle nicely, although proper training can help in controlling their prey hunting trait which they acquire from its parent.

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The average size of male Silkese is between 9-12 inches, while females can grow up to 8-10 inches.
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7-12 pounds
The Silkese can weigh between 7-14 lbs
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General Health

The Silkese does not require much extra care. Although, some health concerns may arrive with growing age and you need to take them for regular checkups. Major concerns • Patellar Luxation • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (also known as PRA) • Hypoglecemia • Diabeties • Hip dysplasia

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There is not much-known information about this new designer breed. It has quite a history of its parents. This breed was earlier known as Sydney Silky Terrier. The American Kennel Club recognized it in the year 1959. The Maltese is known to be one of the ancient toy breeds. Although there is very little information available for this breed’s history, they are related to different beliefs like some say, they came from Malta while others believe their origin is Italy. Maltese was also known for its magical healing powers.

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Most groom every two weeks. Their hair may become matted if not brushed frequently.

Due to their long hair, frequent grooming sessions becomes a necessity in order to maintain fur quality. You can brush its coat daily to avoid any matting or tangles. For keeping their fur silky and soft, give them baths a few times in a week and also clip their nails for better hygiene. Maintaining dental health is also necessary; therefore brush its teeth daily. Keep a check for skin allergies or ear infections. The Silkese is the right choice for people suffering from dog allergies, as they shed minimally.

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Ideal Environment

This breed enjoys a large yard and loves to run. If a yard is not available, daily leash walks are recommended.

This breed is curious, playful, and active. They require little activity time because of their small size. Daily walks to the park will make them happy and contented. Because of their curious nature, they enjoy digging. Just remember, these little dogs are prone to temperature extremes. The Shinese remain Toy-sized even after their full growth. Hence, they are an ideal choice for bachelors or even seniors.

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