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The Silkshund is the hybrid of two prey hunting breeds, the Silky Terrier and the Dachshund. This designer breed tends to bark often, so it\'s necessary to socialize them. These little dogs are highly self-determined, which is their strong personality trait. They can adapt well to urban apartment living style. If you’re looking for a playful little dog, then the Silkshunds are a perfect choice for you. Their life expectancy is 13-16 years.

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These little dogs are incredibly cute and brave. They are affectionate, caring, intelligent, and freedom lovers. The Silkshund enjoys roaming around at different places on their own. They tend to be close to their owners and get along with children and older family members quite well. Though, due to their bossy and possessive nature, it is best advised to train them in the early days.

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7-10 inches
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10-25 lbs.
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General Health

This petite dog breed is quite healthy and does not require unnecessary visits to the vet. However, they can be prone to the below diseases such as: Major Concerns • Acanthosis Nigricans • Invertebral disc disease • Diabetes • Hip dysplasia • Sick Sinus Syndrome

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This breed is a deliberate cross between two small canines. The Silky Terrier originated from Australia, whereas the Dachshund originates from Germany. Both have hunting traits which are acquired in their crossbreed.

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The maintenance depends upon the genes of your hybrid. It can have medium to short coat depending upon the varying proportion of genes. Suppose, it receives more genes of Silky Terrier; then you only need to brush your pet 2-3 times a week. On the other hand, Dachshunds dominated breed will require frequent brushing as they shed more and tangles quickly. Once a month, bathing is sufficient for your pet to look best. Make sure that you maintain hygiene by brushing their teeth daily and clipping worn-out nails.

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Ideal Environment

These tiny looking dogs are highly energetic and require 45-60 minutes of activity daily. You can break up this time into several short sessions in the form of daily walks and indoor games (like, game of fetch, hide and seek). It is best advised to keep a close check on these feisty little dogs, as they love digging and hunting small animals. Also, take special care when it\'s off the leash.

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