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The Silky Cocker is a hybrid canine of Maltese and Cocker Spaniel. This small and lightweight dog is a good fit for bachelors, seniors or families having little children. It requires moderate maintenance and is easily trainable. The rare designer breed due to its wonderful hereditary traits and is definitely the right choice for the first time proud pet owners. This great companion has a lifespan of 12-15 years.

This compact, lightweight dog is a rare hybrid of Silky Terrier and Coton de Tulear. Known for their affectionate and companion nature, Silky Cotons are an excellent fit for singles or even larger families. Also, they are available in various colors like red, white, black, silver, blue, fawn, and grey. These dogs are suitable for urban apartment living style with a lifespan of about 14-16 years.

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They are friendly, intelligent, charming, playful, fiercely loyal, and affectionate. These cute dogs have a tendency to follow their owners everywhere due to their strong bond formation. Known for its true companionship and family devotion, they can melt your heart instantly. It can inherit several characteristic traits from its parents, including the strong hunting drive.

The Silky Cotons are lively, playful, loving, intelligent, and loyal. Due to their small size, they are cuddly but often gets nervous in front of fast-moving children. This designer breed is intelligent and responds well to positive and patient training. It can acquire digging and hunting traits from its ancestors. The Silky Cotons can get along well with children and other dogs with early socialization. They do not like to be left alone and often expresses their misery by chewing or barking.

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The average height of Silky Cockers is between 10-12 inches, varying between male and female.
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Male Silky Cockers are more massive than females with an average weight of 14-18 lbs.
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General Health

This is a comparatively healthy canine breed, but frequent health checkups are a bonus to keep your little pet fit and healthy. Some significant concerns that you need to look into are as follows: Major Concerns • Obesity • Seborrhea • Cataracts • Retinal Dysplasia • Skin problems • Patent Ductus Arteriosus

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The Silky Cocker is a new designer hybrid breed, and therefore only a few facts of its history is known. The American Cocker Spaniel is a loyal and affectionate breed and developed in 1800s. The American Kennel Club recognized this popular breed in the year 1878. The Maltese are known by names such as Maltese Terrier, Melitae dog, and Maltese lion dog. It is believed to have originated from Malta and for comforting sick people. They are also a popular show breed who is quite loyal and loving.

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This adorable breed is a little high on maintenance due to its regular bathing needs and more frequent professional grooming sessions. As the name suggests, they have a silky and soft coat, hence pleasurable to pat. You can use a slicker brush or metal comb once a day, to detangle and prevent hair matting. They need regular cleaning of ears and teeth to be in a good physical state. You can expect moderate shedding and nail clipping as per the need

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Ideal Environment

The Silky Cocker requires moderate exercises of approximately 45-60 minutes to keep it happy and going. You can take them for short walks in the dog parks. These playful dogs like to explore backyards, but their hunting and wandering traits can lead to unfavorable situations. Thus, keep them in supervision if the place isn’t securely fenced.

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