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The Silky Pug is a designer crossbreed between Silky Terrier and a Pug. These little dogs have a great attitude and naughty behavior, but can be easily trained with patience and positive reinforcement. They may shed slightly but are quite easy to groom. Silky Pugs are good with family and older children because of their friendly nature. Available in common colors like tan, silver, apricot, black, grey, blue and crème. These are well suitable for apartment living style and has a lifespan of 12 years on an average.

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The Silky pugs are friendly, affectionate, alert, and cuddly. They like to spend quality time with their owners and are also lapdogs. It tends to follow its owners everywhere from the living room to the bedroom, and thus you may have to devote some of your time to them. At times, they can be stubborn, but the good part is that you can train them early by implementing positive approaches. Thus, helping them to become confident canines. Their alert nature helps them to become better watchdogs.

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10-11 inches
These are relatively smaller in size and can grow up to 7-11 inches.
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It can weigh between 9-13 lbs
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General Health

Pugs are a little bit prone to several health risks, but since they are a hybrid, these health risks have reduced to quite an extent. Below are some of the significant concerns that Silky Pug owners can look into : Major concern • Urolithiasis • Spongiform Leukodystrophy • Liver shunts • Necrotizing • Entropion • Leg-Calves-Perthes Disease • Pug dog Encephalitis • Meningoencephalitis • Tracheal Collapse • Patellar Luxation

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Like most other crossbreeds, little information is known about the history of Silky Pugs. Although, its parent breeds do have a history. The Silky Terrier originated in Australia in the year 1800s and has a good hunting instinct. It is a cross between Australian Terriers and Yorkshire Terriers. Also known by names, such as Sydney Silky and Australian Terrier While Pugs originated in China to be a companion for the ruling families and were also kept by monks in Buddhist monasteries. This breed gained popularity because of its alert and brave nature and is also depicted in various ancient paintings. Pugs arrived in the US in the 19th century, and the American Kennel Club recognized them in the year 1885.

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Just like any other hybrid, Silky Pugs can also inherit different traits from its parents, and maintenance will depend accordingly. For instance, Pugs have a short, double coat which does shed a lot, but it is easy to be groomed or shaped. Whereas, Silky Terriers need some extra care because of their long silky hairs. Brushing those long furs can help prevent tangles. Occasional bathing is sufficient for your pet to look best. Make sure that you maintain hygiene by brushing their teeth daily and clipping worn-out nails.

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Ideal Environment

They are energetic dogs who require moderate exercises to stay healthy and fit. Take them to dog parks or short walks, and this will keep them happy and cheerful. An activity time of 45 minutes is sufficient for your dog and be careful to keep it on a leash while in public, due to their hunting trait. Sometimes a mischievous dog, they are suitable for apartment-style provided that you take them out daily.

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