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The Skypoo is a hybrid between Poodle and Skye Terrier. Other popular names are, Skyedoodle, Skydoodle or Skyepoo. Its build varies from medium to large. Due to its charming persona, they tend to adapt well in families with younger kids and other small pets. Mostly white or crème, they are also available in colors like black, sable, silver, gray, brown, and red. They are suitable for busy apartment life because of their low exercise needs and merry nature. It can live up to 12-15 years.

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The firm Skypoos are loyal, caring, and friendly dogs who thrive human attention. Though their boredom may lead them towards destructive hobbies. They grasp things really quickly and thus, are easily trained. Although sometimes become stubborn and rebellious. They are also great lapdogs, and you will often find them rolling on the sofa.

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The average height can be between 8-15 inches.
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They weigh somewhere between 35-70 lbs.
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General Health

The Skypoos require routine checkups and proper diet as they are prone to several health risks. Some of them are as follows: Major Concerns • Leg-Calves-Perthes Disease • Hypothyroidism • Eye problems • Epilepsy • Bloat • Addison’s Disease • Patellar Luxation • Von Willebrand’s Disease • Cushing’s Disease Minor Concerns • Skin problems • Orthopedic

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The history of this new designer breed is not well documented. Although its parent\'s history is known from long. The Skye Terriers came to the Isle of Skye in Scotland about 400 long years ago. It was bred for hunting purpose and gained ample acclaim in England a few years later. The American Kennel Club (AKC) registered it in the year 1887. Sadly, it’s among the most endangered species today. Whereas the Poodle belongs to Germany, and its popularity gained his registration in the AKC. They are excellent companions when trained early.

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You may get a hypoallergenic pet depending upon the traits it acquires since Poodles are hypoallergenic whereas Skyes are not. Their coat is fairly dense and quite curly. Thus they require brushing daily to prevent matts and tangles, although they fall under the category of mild shedders. If you hear a clicking sound on the floor, then it’s probably time to trim nails. Brush its teeth daily to curb gum diseases and plaque buildup. Only bath when required because they are prone to skin allergies. You can expect several Professional grooming sessions due to its curly high maintenance coat.

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Ideal Environment

The Skypoos does not require vigorous exercises. Instead, they would love to go to dog parks and short walks daily. Its tolerance towards extreme weather makes it highly adaptable. This moderately active breed stays happy with 60-70 minutes of activity time. Since it has a wandering temper, it is best to keep him under inspection and secured fences.

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