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The Sniffon is a crossbreed of Miniature Schnauzer and Brussels Griffon. This tiny toy breed comes in various colors like grey, silver, black, blue, fawn, and red. They have brown eyes with pointy ears. They love digging and climbing, hence keep an eye on them when outside. It is ideal for apartment living as they don’t have much exercise needs. It is a great companion pet with a lifespan of about 12-15 years.

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The Sniffons character is very playful, caring, and energetic. This breed is known to be a barker but unwanted traits can be trained out. Most are very easy to train. They love family and other animals.

They are brave, friendly, and lively. Their witty and clownish persona makes them unique. You will never get bored when around with cute Sniffons. They also tend to hunt small animals like birds, rats and are therefore needed to be supervised when outdoors. You cannot leave them home alone for long intervals as they are prone to separation anxiety.

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The average size is between 9-12 inches.
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It weighs between 9-15 lbs when fully grown.
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General Health

This is a healthy canine breed. But, since it’s a hybrid, the chances for genetic health issues are more. It does not have a lot of major health issues, but there are quite a few minor concerns. Therefore, frequent health checkups are essential to keep your little dog fit and healthy. Some major concerns that you need to look into are as follows: Major concerns • Sick Sinus Syndrome • Portosystemic Shunt Minor concerns • Syringomyelia • Urolithiasis • Diabetes • Anaemia(IMHA) • Cataracts • Hyperlipoproteinemia • Progressive Retinal Atrophy(PRA) • Pulmonic Stenosis • Atopy • Pancreatitis • Hypothyroidism • Schnauzer Comedo Syndrome

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This designer dog is a hybrid of two ratters, and only a few facts of its origin are known. The Schnauzer hailed from Germany and initially bred to kill vermins and guard fields, while the Brussels came from Belgium. They have a human-like face with expressive eyes.

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The wiry coat is normally dense, and hence weekly brushing is sufficient to keep its fur in good condition. You can give them a bathe every once in a month or as needed but use a mild dog shampoo as its skin is prone to several types of skin allergies. Every dog is different, and so are its need, but maintaining good oral hygiene is essential, so brush their teeth 2-3 times a week to prevent periodontal diseases. Also, keep a check on ears by cleaning them with a wet cotton bud or cloth to prevent any infection or injury and don’t forget to clip their nails or else get it done with a professional groomer.

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Ideal Environment

The Sniffon is energetic and playful, although it does not require any vigorous exercises because of its small built. Allow them to engage in activities that require both physical and mental growth. Their totally activity time can be between 45-60 minutes. It is better to break the time into small sessions as this will keep him occupied and healthy. Though they can alone gain their activity needs through indoor games, it is best to expose them with the outside surroundings as well. You can take them to a short walk or run, and they will be joyous.

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