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The Soft Coated Golden is a designer hybrid of Golden Retriever and Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. This large dog shed moderately, and its coat possibility is black, although it keeps turning golden as it grows. They are suitable for apartment living and gels well in families. In other words, it is people-friendly and loves kids. Also, they are fond of water and are excellent swimmers. It can live between 12-14 years.

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They are sweet, playful, loyal, loving, easy-going, and friendly. Its docile temper makes him easily trainable. Since it’s a family dog who enjoys being with people, it is prone to separation anxiety and doesn’t do well when left alone.

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The average height of males is between 23-24 inches, where females are slightly shorter and can grow up between 22-23 inches.
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They weigh between 60-75 lbs.
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General Health

Since it is a crossbreed, it’s probably healthier than either of its parent. However, it can still inherit some of the diseases. Therefore it’s best to check the health status of your pet from time to time. Some of the common health concerns are as follows: Major Concerns • Elbow Dysplasia • Seizures • Canine hip Dysplasia • Mast Cell Tumours • Subaortic Stenosis Minor Concerns • Skin Problems • Renal Dysplasia • Hypothyroidism • Addison’s Disease • Eye Disorders and disease

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Like any other new hybrid, little do we know about the exact origin of the Soft Coated Golden breed though its parents have some ancient history. In the mid-nineteenth century, hunters developed the Golden Retriever as they required a dog that could fetch waterfowls from water and also hunt on land in the diverse region of Scotland. It is known to be multi-purpose due to its varied services(hunting, guiding, tracking, etc.) The American Kennel Club registered it in Sporting Group in the year 1925. Whereas, the Soft Coated Wheaten belonged to Ireland and was considered a multi-purpose farm dog. It gained recognization in the year 1973.

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The muscular ‘Goldens’ have straight, long, and dense hair which requires daily brushing to avoid tangles and matting. It has a water repellent coat, and hence you can expect a little doggy smell after bathing. Also, due to its floppy ears, it is essential to check for any parasitic or fungal infection. Trim its nail if it does not get worn out naturally. You have to brush its teeth daily to curb gum diseases and plaque buildup, though 2-3 times a week is also acceptable. Occasional grooming helps to make your pet look at its best.

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Ideal Environment

They are energetic and loves to play in the yards or dog parks with an activity time of atleast 60 minutes daily. Their amiable temper drives them to humans, and they can\'t resist playing with kids. You can break their activity time into several small tasks like short walk or swimming. They are active and requires physical exercises every day to stay healthy and fit. The Soft Coated Golden enjoys family time and demands your care and attention.

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I am looking to buy or adopt a soft coated wheaten terrier / golden retriever mixed breed... (soft coated golden). Does anyone know where I can find a breeder? Thanks!

I just had 8 puppies today.

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