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The Spantriever is a hybrid of Labrador and English Cocker Spaniel. This medium-sized dog is suitable for bachelors, seniors citizens or families with little children. They require moderate care and are easy to train. It is suitable for apartment living but loves home with a fenced area. Its coat can be in different colors like red, crème, white, black, fawn, gray, brown, or even multi-colored, depending on the dominance of its parent.

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A loyal, playful, and smart breed, they get along quickly with families and especially younger children. Early socialization helps them mingle well with other animals. Although, they tend to wander due to their strong hunting trait and thus keep a close eye at unsecured fences. It is a lively dog that sometimes becomes mischievous, in the absence of any mental activity.

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The average height is between 15-20 inches.
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Male Spantrievers are more massive than females with an average weight of 45-50 lbs, whereas females can weigh around 40-45 lbs.
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General Health

There are many odds of canceling diseases in the new hybrid, although some can still inherit from their parent breeds. Some common health issues: Major Concerns • Patellar Luxation • Elbow Dysplasia • Hip Dysplasia • Hypothyroidism • Progressive Retinal Atrophy(PRA) • Osteochondritis Dissecans Minor Concerns • Allergies • Eye Problems • Idiopathic Epilepsy

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The Spantriever is a new hybrid, and therefore, only a few facts are known. The dog is a loyal and affectionate breed that originated in Spain. The American Kennel Club recognized it in the year 1878. While the Labrador Retriever hails from Canada and initially it was known as “St John’s dog.” In the mid 17th century, it was popular as fishermen\'s helper and assisted them in retrieving fishes that escaped from the hook. In around 1880s, it was imported to England. Later, it came to the US and gained popularity instantly. The American Kennel Club recognized it in the year 1917. Today, Labradors work in various missions as therapy dogs.

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They have medium-length wavy hair ranging from normal to dense. They are a little high on maintenance as its coat require brushing daily. You can also groom it yourself or take him to a professional groomer every once in a while. Bathing once in a while is adequate and brush its teeth daily to prevent any gum diseases or plaque build-up. Due to their floppy ears, a regular cleaning with a damp cloth is a must. Also, check its nails daily and clip them in case they don’t wear off naturally.

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Ideal Environment

The Spantriever is quite active and requires moderate exercises of about 45-50 minutes to keep him happy and going. They enjoy playing with toys, and it also helps them to stay mentally fit. Try to engage them in games that stimulate physical as well as mental activity. It is best advised to keep them in the leash while going for walks in a dog park as they tend to run away unless well-trained.

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