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The Wauzer's color can be similar to the Westie or Schnauzer. The coat has a dense under coat and long wire hair. The breed is considered non-shedding. Ears can either flop over like the Schnauzer or stand up like the Westie.

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The Wauzer is a high energy breed. It's quick to play but also enjoys extended naps.

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7-13 inches
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12-18 pounds
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General Health

Some may be prone to poor dental health.

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This breed is low-shedding as apposed to non-shedding like the Miniature Schnauzer. Wauzers have a tendency to mat particularly under the stomach and legs. They need to be clipped or pulled approximately every 8 weeks to maintain a 'well-groomed' appearance.

This breed is non shedding, however, their long coat can tangle. Daily brushing is recommended. The hair around the eyes may clump and may need to be cleaned often.

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Ideal Environment

This small breed is comfortable in an apartment but will enjoy a large yard. Daily leash walks are advised. The Wauzer can be protective and will alert at people approaching the home so keep in mind for apartment living.

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