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I am purchasing a Wee Chon for my twin 8 year old daughters for xmas. When I went to check the dogs out, there were two left. The breeder told me he would give me the second pup for $100. The puppies have been together since they were born in July. I am new to dog ownership, but my daughters have cats and dogs at my ex-husbands home. How hard on the dogs is it to be separated from a littermate they have been with 6 months and how hard would it be for me to take on both.

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I specialiae in socializing dogs who are basically feral for lack of himan contact in a puppy mill. Dogs from this kind of situation are all about the other dogs and do not trust humans. A puppy that is still at the breeder's at 6 months will be very attached to the other dog and feel no reason to want that to change. If you bring them both into your home you will not have a dog that will want to interact with you or your daughters. I have a pair of Maltese now that I've had for 9 months and the male is now starting to enjoy interaction with people but the female doesn't want a thing to do with us if she can get away from us. I also have a Shih Tzu/Papillon cross that I've had for three years and in the last six months has gone from running from me to finally deciding he likes me and wants my affection. I've dealt with pups who have stayed with their mother and that is not a good situation either. The pup will be a shy timid dog afraid to step our from behind it's mother. I would suggest that you buy one dog and then when it has adjusted to you, adding another from a different litter. I know you will have a better dog that way.

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