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Often, darker colored Yorkie Poos will fade in color within the first few years of their life, especially if exposed to frequent sunlight. A jet black Yorkie Poo may often fade to a shade of grey and in rare instances, even white. Usually, their color will remain the same after one year of development.

The Yorkie Poo is a crossbreed between the Yorkshire Terrier and the Poodle. They are also known as a Yorkie-Poo, Yorkiepoo, Yo-Yopoo, or a Yorkiedoodle. This designer breed is also sometimes referred to as a Yorkie Doodle. Like many breeds that result from a crossbreed with the Poodle, the Yorkie Poo was created to produce a dog that has the Poodle’s popular non-shedding coat. Prospective owners should know that the Yorkie Poo is not eligible to be registered as a purebred because it is a crossbreed. This is the case even if the dog is the result of breeding two purebred parent breeds. There are now some hybrid registries that have been created specifically for registering crossbreeds such as the Yorkie Poo. The characteristics of the Yorkie Poo may vary based upon whether it is a first generation breed or a multi-generation crossbreed. A Yorkie Poo may also be a backcross, which is a cross between a Yorkie Poo and a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle. The size of the Yorkie Poo will often depend upon the size of the parent breed. Standard size Poodles will usually produce larger sized Yorkie Poo dogs while smaller breed Poodles, such as the Toy Poodle, will produce a smaller Yorkie Poo. The Yorkie Poo may also have a head that is small and flat like the Yorkshire Terrier or a snout that is long and narrow like the Poodle. The characteristics of the Yorkie Poo’s tail may also vary from being high or straight. The coat of the Yorkie Poo may be long, silky and straight like the Yorkie Poo or it may be somewhat wooly and curly like the Poodle. It may also be a cross between the two. The Yorkie Poo is available in a variety of colors, including, white, grey, silver and brown. The Yorkie Poo may also be two toned as well. Generally, the Yorkie Poo will shed very little if any at all, which is good for people who suffer from allergies and need a dog that is hypo-allergenic.

Occasionally, this breed is tri-colored.

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The Yorkie Poo is typically a happy, intelligent and energetic breed. This dog is alert and loving of its family. They also make excellent watchdogs because of their devotion to their families. This is a dog that likes to be in the middle of family activities and should not be separated from its family. It has become popular as a companion dog. Although the Yorkie Poo is active and energetic it is not as hyper as many small breed dogs. Training is a good idea with this breed as it does sometimes have a tendency to be stubborn. The Yorkie Poo usually gets along well with children as well as with other pets in the house. Socialization is a good idea at an early age with this dog.

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7-12 inches

7-12 inches
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4-15 pounds

4-15 pounds
9-15 pounds
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General Health

The Yorkie Poo has an average lifespan of around 15 years. As a crossbreed, the Yorkie does not usually suffer from as many health problems as the parent breeds but may have problems with musculoskeletal problems, hypoglycemia and eye problems such as cataracts. Small Yorkie Poo dogs may also experience problems with tracheal collapse and a sensitivity to anesthesia. They also may be prone to dental problems. Make sure they start with chew toys at an early age and keep them on a solid food diet. They tend to be picky eaters and if they don't have enough use of their teeth, chewing, they will start to rot and eventually need to be pulled.

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The Yorkie Poo originated in the United States and has become popular in the last few years among allergy sufferers. They are hypoallergenic and do well with people who have allergies. They are a non shedding breed.

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The Yorkie Poo will typically need to be brushed on a weekly basis and shampooed and bathed when necessary. The hair will usually need to be trimmed around the eye and ear areas. Exercise requirements can usually be met by the Yorkie Poo on its own as it does not require a significant amount of exercise. Although the Yorkie Poo does not need a lot of exercise, it will enjoy taking walks.

However, it is best to take them on at least 3 times a week. But I take my clay on 2-3 times a day

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Ideal Environment

The Yorkie Poo is suitable for a house or an apartment. Generally, the Yorkie Poo will do best when it resides indoors, especially if it is one of the smaller sizes. Although the Yorkie Poo may enjoy taking walks and playing outdoors, it is not suited for living outdoors. The Yorkie Poo enjoys being around its family and should not be left alone for long periods of time. The Yorkie Poo will not usually do well in cold climates. When in cooler climates, the Yorkie Poo may need a sweater or a coat. Training and socialization are both important components to developing a properly behaved dog. The Yorkie Poo is clever and will usually respond well to training. Most Yorkie Poo dogs will be eager to learn new tricks and please their owners. While the Yorkie Poo will enjoy playing with children, it is usually a good idea to closely supervise play between this dog and children due to the fact that the Yorkie Poo can be easily injured as a result of its small size.

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We got a Yorkie Poo due to it being known for hypo allergenic and not shedding. However, he is now three month old and shedding all over the place an my family is allergic. Is this typical? I have him on a very premium dog food and have been giving him oils for his skin and coat. I feel like I have tried everything, but if this doesn't stop, I am going to have to give him up. I can not have a dog that sheds. Thank you sooo much. Anything will help.

i have a 3 year old yorkie-poo who does shed, i am also allergic but i have found combing her every now then works fine i haven't had any problems with my allergies


I have a yorkie poo and he weighs 4 lbs and I was wondering if it is safe to put a flea collar on him? Thank you! Cheryl Berry


recently we have adopted a 4 y old yorkie poo . Unfortunately he urinates all over in the haouse. Any ideal how to toilet train him ?



recently we have adopted a 4 y old yorkie poo . Unfortunately he urinates all over in the hause Any ideal how to toilet train him ?

Have you tried crate trainig him? I have used this method with my Lab, Pom and my YP. My Pom starting marking at 7 years old, We went back to the create training and it broke him of it!


Our 18 month old yorkie poo has a one eye that is draining on to his face in a dark color. We just changed his food and was wondering if this had anything to do with it? The condition was not present before this food change. or is this common in this breed?

My yorkipoo has always had eye discharge. The vet says not to worry about it unless it gets yellow or green in color, which indicates an eye infection. I wash his face every day with a paper towel and warm water. You do want to clean up the eyes regularly because it can cake and start mats in a place where mats will be hard to deal with.


I am single, over 45 (not much), and have no two-legged children, only four-legged ones. I have two mixed-breed dogs whom I love dearly! They are both female, ages almost 16 (38 lb hound/choc lab mix) and 13 (rat terrier/chihuahua mix). I cannot imagine being without either of them, but I know that altho they are both healthy considering their ages it is inevitable in the near future to lose one or both of them. I fully intend to eventually get a Yorkie Poo. My current two are very close to each other and adore each other; they eat together and sleep together. They have been together their whole lives. The older is very jealous of the younger (when it comes to me) and treats her like a mean big sister would a little sister. But only she can be mean to the little one! Any other dog is not allowed to do so! They are both also VERY attached to me; clingly would be a better word! I have heard that it is best to get a new puppy while you still have a dog to be the mentor. However, when wld be the best time for me to get a Yorkie Poo puppy given my current dog circumstances; when I only have one dog left (and I know the one left will hugely mourn the one lost), after they are both gone, or while I still have them both??? I am really torn about what is the best thing to do!


We have 10months yorkpoo she looks like she is loosing hair on her back tail area and rear leg areawhat does that mean

Is she losing the hair completely or just shedding? because shedding is natural... every pup will go through one stage of shedding all their puppy fur. but if it's more than that, and the hair is not growing back,. i suggest you consult your vet for further information. she may have skin allergies that are causing this to happen.


my yorkie poo, has got bad matting in his fur what is the easiest way or products help me demat him

A wire slicker brush and a fine-tooth metal comb. First brush, then comb. He won't like it if he's not used to it. Mine gets treats for putting up with the process.


I have had my little guy for 9 months now and he's never been wormed.When and how often do I do this?


I have had my little guy for 9 months now and he's never been wormed.When and how often do I do this?And what kind of foods soft dry are canned.

You need to see your vet immediately. The vet will prescribe heartworm medication that needs to be given every month to keep your dog worm free. He or she can also recommend what brand of dog food to use and how much. Personally I give my yorkie poo blue buffalo wilderness for small dogs but it is expensive. For a supermarket brand, Iams got a good rating. Good luck with your yorkiepoo!

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