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We got a Yorkie Poo due to it being known for hypo allergenic and not shedding. However, he is now three month old and shedding all over the place an my family is allergic. Is this typical? I have him on a very premium dog food and have been giving him oils for his skin and coat. I feel like I have tried everything, but if this doesn't stop, I am going to have to give him up. I can not have a dog that sheds. Thank you sooo much. Anything will help.

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i have a 3 year old yorkie-poo who does shed, i am also allergic but i have found combing her every now then works fine i haven't had any problems with my allergies

We have a 15 month old female yorkie poo who has not shed at all. From what we were told, this breed is NOT suppose to shed which was a huge reason why we got her, it seems strange he would start to shed after 3 years? did you talk to a groomer; maybe keeping his hair short may help... Good Luck!!

We have a four year old Yorki Poo who has never shed. We chose him specifically because of this and our son being allergic. I've never heard of one shedding.

I'm not a breeder, but I do know something of genetics, so bear that in mind when evaluating this answer. Yorkie Poos are a hybrid dog; that is, they are the result of cross breeding between two purebred breeds. So you get a mixture of the "parent" characteristics, and the breeding is usually done with the aim of getting the "best" characteristics of each. In this case, the idea is to get the coat of the poodle, which doesn't shed and is hypoallergenic. So what is the problem? Well, the easy answer is you don't actually have a Yorkie Poo. That would be the case if somebody was just selling you a Yorkie and claiming it's a mix. Hopefully that isn't the case. The other possibility is that this particular dog has the coat of a Yorkie, which DOES shed and is NOT hypoallergenic. Of course, hypo allergenic does NOT mean not allergic, just much lower risk. So the fact that the dog sheds suggests it is more poodle. Other buyers with the same concerns may want to make sure they get more detailed info in terms of breeding; if you breed a Yorkie Poo back with a Poodle you will further limit the presence of Yorkie traits, including the shedding. Please note however that this is simply a matter of probability; the more you breed out the Yorkie the lower the risk of it's traits. Of course, at some point you need to ask yourself if just getting a Poodle isn't the right answer...it depends on how allergic you are. Perhaps try to spend time with the breed before buying is another way to see if you have bad reactions before committing to adding the dog to your family. Good luck!

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