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I am single, over 45 (not much), and have no two-legged children, only four-legged ones. I have two mixed-breed dogs whom I love dearly! They are both female, ages almost 16 (38 lb hound/choc lab mix) and 13 (rat terrier/chihuahua mix). I cannot imagine being without either of them, but I know that altho they are both healthy considering their ages it is inevitable in the near future to lose one or both of them. I fully intend to eventually get a Yorkie Poo. My current two are very close to each other and adore each other; they eat together and sleep together. They have been together their whole lives. The older is very jealous of the younger (when it comes to me) and treats her like a mean big sister would a little sister. But only she can be mean to the little one! Any other dog is not allowed to do so! They are both also VERY attached to me; clingly would be a better word! I have heard that it is best to get a new puppy while you still have a dog to be the mentor. However, when wld be the best time for me to get a Yorkie Poo puppy given my current dog circumstances; when I only have one dog left (and I know the one left will hugely mourn the one lost), after they are both gone, or while I still have them both??? I am really torn about what is the best thing to do!

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