Photo How much should an Affenpincher weigh?

6 to 9 1/2 lbs.

Photo How does an Affenpinscher do around strangers

My little girl has done great with strangers. Since she is a rescue I can not tell you what her socialization was.

Photo I have just rescue an Affenpinscher. She is having a difficult time breathing tonight. Could her wal
Photo We have an 8 month old Affenpinscher and he has started to kick back with his hind legs, much like a

I have noticed dogs after leaving a stool mark territory kicking with their hind legs

Photo Has anyone noted that their Affenpinscher smiles?

I'm not sure if our pup is an affenpinchser, we think he is a a schnauzer/affenpincher mix. At first we thought he was a schnauzer/scottie mix. He smiles a lot! At first we thought we just caught him

Photo Do Affenpinschers have a tendency to have an under bite?


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