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(Affen) The Affenpinscher is an undersized, friendly-faced relative of the terrier. The breed features a thick coat of fur that occurs in longer, beard-like tufts around the face and neck. Despite the Affenpinscher’s small stature, he is not a delicate dog. Affenpinschers boast square-shaped bodies and stout, strong limbs. They are a very well-boned breed with short, arched necks and deep chests. Affenpinschers have round, prominent eyes with a wise, owl-like expression and short, upturned noses. The breed’s tails are usually docked to about two-thirds of their natural size. Their ears are regularly cropped so that they are pointed and stand upright. The Affenpinscher’s coat is typically black or dark gray in color, but tan and red coats are also considered acceptable.

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The Affenpinscher's nickname is monkey dog. It's coat will be more shaggy over its head and shoulders forming a mane, with a shorter coat over the back hind quarters.

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The Affenpinscher’s personality is very similar to that of a typical terrier. Unlike most terriers, however, Affenpinschers are more inclined to socialize and get along with other pets. Affenpinschers are persistent, curious, and extremely playful by nature. They have a mischievous streak, but they are quick-witted and responsive to commands. Some Affenpinschers might be difficult to housebreak, but other than that, they are a breed that’s comparatively easy to train. Because of their animated personality and propensity to become bored, Affenpinschers like variety in their daily routines. While Affenpinschers are very loving pets and enjoy being with their families, they are not recommended for families with small children. This is because Affenpinschers frequently guard their food and are protective of their toys. Instinctually courageous and confident, Affenpinschers might foolishly challenge a large animal or get overly excited when threatened. They are a dog that does best with a family that will appreciate their humorous antics.

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10-15 inches
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7-8 pounds
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General Health

Like most other short-nosed breeds, Affenpinschers may be prone to some respiratory problems in warm weather. Some are also more likely to get fractures and slipped stifle. Overall, the Affenpinscher is a dog with very few major health concerns. The average life span of an Affenpinscher is 10-12 years. The breed does not require exercise, as they can keep fit by playing indoors. They do enjoy walks in mild temperatures. Affenpinschers average 1-3 puppies per litter.

The average Affenpinscher litter is larger. Most are between 3 to 8, with an average of 5.

Some Affenpinschers may have heavy eye discharge.

Most are prone to Brachcephalic Syndrome and Patellar Luxation.

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The Affenpinscher’s exact origination is unknown. A relative of the Brussels Griffon and somehow linked to the terrier, it’s probable that the Affenpinscher came about in Germany. The breed is derived from a farm dog that was probably much larger in size. Originally, the Affenpinscher was a house pet used to catch rats and alert their owners of intruders. To this day, Affenpinschers make excellent watchdogs.

The Affenpinscher is one of the oldest of the toy breeds. They are known as The Black Devil because of their mischief ways.

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Affenpinshers’ coats should be regularly brushed and combed. Do not clip their hair, as it can severely damage the coat. An Affenpinscher’s fur may require plucking, but usually this is done by professionals. Hairs can sometimes grow in the corners of an Affenpinscher’s eyes, and these hairs should be removed immediately to avoid irritation. Affenpinschers are considered non shedding dogs, but some loose hair may accumulate around the house.

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Ideal Environment

Affenpinschers do well in any environment. They don’t need a yard, and they will do just fine in an apartment. They are very playful indoors. Hot weather conditions can wreak havoc on an Affenpinscher’s coat and make it more difficult for them to breathe properly.

Affenpinschers love to play outside and like to dig. They are not as likely to get into mischief if they get to run and play several in the yard.

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Die Hobbyzucht im „Butzemannhaus“ ist geprägt von Liebe und Respekt gegenüber den Tieren. Ich sehe meine Tiere nicht...
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How much should an Affenpincher weigh?

6 to 9 1/2 lbs.


How does an Affenpinscher do around strangers

My little girl has done great with strangers. Since she is a rescue I can not tell you what her socialization was.


I have just rescue an Affenpinscher. She is having a difficult time breathing tonight. Could her walk this afternoon have caused this. The temp was in the mid 80's


We have an 8 month old Affenpinscher and he has started to kick back with his hind legs, much like a bull in a bull fight. Our question is what does this mean? Is it aggression, playfulness or something else?

I have noticed dogs after leaving a stool mark territory kicking with their hind legs


Has anyone noted that their Affenpinscher smiles?

I'm not sure if our pup is an affenpinchser, we think he is a a schnauzer/affenpincher mix. At first we thought he was a schnauzer/scottie mix. He smiles a lot! At first we thought we just caught him at the right time, but then we realized he smiles often, especially when he is in-between his two favorite people, it so hilarious! We love the 8 or 9 month old little guy and he knows it very well!


Do Affenpinschers have a tendency to have an under bite?


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